Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Christmas Shuffle Challenge | Blogmas Day 8

A while ago I did the shuffle challenge (see it here), where you put your playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs that come on. While I'm sat here feeling hungover, with my blue hair (I went out as Kermit the frog last night and it was supposed to be green.... I also thought it was wash in wash out hair dye, but turns out it lasts up to three washes. Yay for me!), I thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate Blogmas today, not too much effort and I get to listen to some lovely Christmas tunes in the meantime. Here we go...

1. All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey
Start with a classic! I love this Christmas song, but who doesn't?! It's such a good song to belt out in the car on your drive to anywhere this time of year. 

2. Christmas Lights - Coldplay
This is my all time favourite Christmas song. It's so chill, but still Christmassy. 

3.Last Christmas - Wham!
This song always comes on at some point on our night out in Vinyl in Bournemouth, and it's the point of the night to grab your friends in a big huddle, sway to the song, and sing your hearts out. 

4. Real Love - Tom Odell
Thank you John Lewis for adding this little tune to the list. Tom Odell and a Christmas song is like Terrys Chocolate Orange and Christmas - perfect match! 

5. It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams
This is the song I like to listen to through my headphones when I'm walking under the Christmas lights in Bournemouth, Wiltshire, or wherever I am. It's such a great song to get you in the mood for Christmas shopping. 

6. Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
A bit of a depressing Christmas song, but it made my Christmas playlist for when I need a break from all the singing and dancing around to the more jolly tunes. 

7. Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes
This is another song you can't sit still to, you have to get up and dance around like a loon! 

8. Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt, Henri Rene and His Orchestra
It wouldn't be Christmas without listening to this at some point (at least once!).

9. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene Love
This reminds me of Love Actually, but it gets me so in the mood for anything Christmassy. Love it, especially for my drive home from uni to Wiltshire!

10. White Christmas - Michael Buble and Shania Twain
And you always need a little Michael Buble if you're going to have a Christmas playlist. I've got at least three of his Christmas songs on mine. 

And that's that! What tunes made it onto your Christmas playlist this year? I'm now going to lie down on my bed, listening to the rest of my festive ditties, and resting my head. 

Night night, 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Party GRWM | Blogmas Day 7

Christmas party time is here! Here's my get ready with me, with added sparkles.For this look I stuck with my usual routine when applying the foundation, concealer and my eyebrows, so I've only shown them briefly here. But if you'd like more detail, look at my Winter Make Up Look here.

Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Vanilla
Concealer: Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory
Eyebrows: Rimmel Brow This Way in Medium Brown

To start with the eyes, I apply a base coat of MUA eyeshadow in Pewter. This is the eyeshadow I bought for my easy Halloween looks, but having used it properly I've discovered it's quite a good little palette for looks like this. I cover the whole eyelid with this shade.

To add an extra hint of smoky eye effect, I add a little of the Obsessed shade from my MUA eyeshadow palette. I blend in a little on the outside corners of my eyelids, and blend in with the Pewter shade.

And now the Christmas sparkle! When it comes to glitter, you can't go wrong with Barry M. For this look I used the Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in pink. (Note: it says not for use around the eyes, but I didn't read this until after I'd used it! My bad)

Next, I add the eyeliner. I used the Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I add a line along the lid, and then a little flick at the corner.

For my cheeks, I use my Rimmel Kate Contouring Palette. First, I apply the bronzer at the edges of my cheeks, under the cheekbones. Next, I add a little blusher along my cheeks, and to finish, I use the highlighter under my eyes and up my nose.

After my cheeks, I go back to my eyes. I finish them off with a lick of mascara. I used the Collection Fast Stroke Defining Lash mascara in black.

To finish the look, I add a coat of Loreal Paris Matte Lipgloss in 'Forgive my Sin'. This is such a bright, fun shade of red, and it goes on amazing! 

And that's the make up all finished. On to the rest...

I pop on my outfit (for this look I went for my Zara playsuit with a black lacy back, £14.99), and curl my hair with my Tresemme hair tongs. This is a technique I spotted on Instagram a while back. If you want the ends of your hair to be curled, tie your hair up in a ponytail and pick out sections to curl one at a time. When you're finished, take the ponytail out, and voila!

To finish the look, I pop on my Miss Guided heels, a New Look bracelet, and a long ring necklace (which I can't remember where it's from I'm afraid!). 

And there you go! My Christmas party get ready with me look. I always think, with a Christmas party, the more sparkles and glitter you're wearing the better! 

Now let's go dance!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

5 Online Shops for Quirky Gifts | Blogmas Day 6

I've got a few quirky people and secret Santa prezzies to buy this year that require a little bit of thinking outside the gift-box (heyoo!). I've been on one shopping trip around town, but sometimes the usual shops just don't cut it. Sometimes you need to look on the internet for something a little bit more unusual or unique. Here's my list of websites that I'm looking at this year for my quirky gift ideas...

1. Not on the High Street
This is a super popular website that you've probably heard of or used already at some point. They do all sorts of interesting gifts, mainly it's a great place to find stocking fillers and secret Santa's. There's also lot's of gift ideas that you can personalise or change when you order them to make them even more unique for the person you're buying for. 

2. Firebox
A lot like Not on the High Street, but this website has some more cheeky (and rude) prezzies, which are great fun for a secret Santa. I spent ages going through this website, and more thinking about who I could give things to, rather than what I could get for who. 

3. Tiger
By far the website with the best Christmas theme! They play Jingle Bells and play you a little animation, it's so cute! Tiger recently opened up a new store in Bournemouth, and I've loved it ever since. Think an Ikea but for gadgets, stationery, food stuffs, pet accessories... and loads  more. Such a random but amazing little shop! 

4. I Want One Of Those
There are some really cute gift ideas on this website, especially in the Gifts for Her section... I had to avoid it so that I didn't spend any of my Christmas shopping money on gifts for myself. 

5. The Sock Drawer
And finally, everyone has someone who would love a tacky pair of socks for Christmas. But The Sock Drawer actually has some nice socks as well, so you get the choice of both. 

And that's five online shops I'll be using to buy prezzies for my quirkier friends and family who need more than a box of chocolates or a bottle of something. Where are you shopping this year? 

Back to the internet I go, 

Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas at Uni | Blogmas Day 5

Christmas is one of the best times to be at uni, I love it every year! Especially being in Bournemouth, spending the festive season next to the seaside was a very strange change for me, but once it grows on you it's the best! Fellow students will get me when I say that there's so many things about being at uni around Christmas, but this is my list list of things that I love most about it...

1. Christmas lunch with the housemates
Last year my housemates and I cooked ourselves a big Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. This year we're looking at booking ourselves into a pub or restaurant for a dinner. As long as there's crackers and pigs-in-blankets, I'm not fussy! 

2. When they start playing Christmas songs in the student centre 
Nothing puts you off studying like Christmas music blaring out in the background... but it's so worth it! 

3. Christmas market visits
Bournemouth has a small, but very cute Christmas market, complete with a temporary pub that serves mulled wine in tiny bootie shaped mugs. It's the only place to be in Bournemouth at Christmas time. 

4. Christmas themed nights out
Nothing beats a club night out than being dressed in a cringy Christmas jumper or dressed as a reindeer. 

5. Chilly walks to uni 
As long as you've dressed up complete with scarf, coat, gloves, and bobble hat, a chilly walk to uni can be quite refreshing. 

6. Decorating your uni room
You can make your uni room look so festive and cosy, and it doesn't always cost a lot of money. Just make sure you take the decorations down before you go home for Christmas - it's unlucky to leave them up for more than 12 days after Christmas! Check out my uni room decorating post to see what I've done this year...

7. Goodbye drinks for the Christmas hols 
You're not going to be seeing your friends for a few weeks now, and that's sad. But the leaving hot chocolate meetings you have with them beforehand makes it a little less harder to bear... 

And that's my few favourites things about being at uni during the festive season. This is my last Christmas I'll be spending at uni, and I'm trying to make the most of it this year! I can't wait to go home and see everyone in Wiltshire for a few weeks, but I will miss my uni friends so much! 

Here's to the next Christmassy few weeks, 

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Dear Santa.... | Blogmas Day 4

Dear Santa...

This year has been a rollercoaster, but I've stayed super good through it all (I think!). I'm being a good student and working hard everyday... well, I've been going into uni.. and sitting with my friends.. but, anyway! Because I've been so good I would just like to send you my Christmas Wishlist well in advance this year, just to give you a chance to start shopping. For Christmas this year, I would like...

A new bag
I'm thinking a mix-up of a handbag and a night-bag. My clutch bags are too small for using during the day, but my normal handbag is so big... I'd like a bag that is in between the two. Basically, room enough for my purse, my phone, and my keys.

A day off
Everyday I'm rowing, training, uni-working... one day off for Christmas would be lovely, Santa, please.

A winning scratch card
This is a big one, Santa! I've got bills to pay, race fees coming in, ASOS jumpers with my name on them... a winning scratch card could make a big difference to all these things.

One of those light box thingys that bloggers have
You know, those light boxes where you stick the letters on them. One of those things would be perfect for the background of my blog posts.

A sunny holiday
I asked for this last year, and got it, even though it was slightly delayed (Cornwall, in July). This year I'm thinking along the lines of Hawaii, or Bora Bora. I mean, anywhere will do, as long as there's sunshine and a beach.

The perfect Christmas prezzies for everyone else (from me)
I'm going to need this one in advance, Santa! Everyone is super hard to buy for this year, so if you could sort it for me, or even just give me some tips, that would be great!

And that's it Santa. Not a long list this year, I'm not too fussy, just the essentials! 

Thanks in advance,

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas Uni Room Decor | Blogmas Day 3

Being at uni at Christmas is great! You're with your friends, there's always something going on... but it can be a bit sad at times, thinking about everything at home that you're missing out on. Whenever I get back from uni my house is all warm and Christmas-ed up, and it's great. But while you're waiting for the term to end, you just have to watch the Snapchats, get the photo messages, and patiently wait. In the meantime, it's nice to decorate your uni room a little, to make it feel like Christmas at home!

This year I've lit up the Christmas Yankee Candles. The scents I've gone for are Christmas Tree, Christmas Cupcake, and Cinnamon. Making your room smell like Christmas is a good place to start! 

I, as a student, and especially a final year student, have found my Christmas decoration buying fund less and less, so this year I hit up Poundland. Their Christmas decorations are on point this year, I spent ages browsing around the store picking up bits and bobs. And it all came to about a fiver. Amazing! (From Poundland: Let it Snow cushion, Hearts and Pine Cone wall hanging, Paper stars, Merry Christmas Banner, Star Fairy Lights)

I've had this old reindeer throw for years, I can't even remember when or where I bought it! But a Christmas throw is a really effective touch to add to your cosy Christmas den, it makes such a huge difference for not much effort. Teamed with my white bedsheets and Christmas themed cushion, it made my bed look so inviting, such a dream to come home to every cold, wintery night!

And a touch you can't go wrong with - fairy lights! I've accumulated quite a few strings of fairy lights over the years, but this year I treated myself to a new set of star fairy lights, for an extra Christmassy feel. And if, like me, you worry about the electric bill, go with ones like these which are battery operated. You pay for the batteries, and when they run out, they run out. No extra costs!

I can't wait to go home for Christmas this year, but until then I'm quite happy to cuddle up in my Christmassy uni-room den. I hope you're busy transforming your home/room into a Winter Wonderland as well!

Night night,

Friday, 2 December 2016

Winter Make Up Look | Blogmas Day 2

At this point last year I was enjoying wearing a pink lipstick with rosey cheeks (and a lot of pouting apparently... my, how I've grown up... ahem!). For my Winter make-up this year, I've gone with a more natural, frosty look. Think snow angel or ice queen style, mainly to match the pink-tinged hair a little better. Here's how to get the look... 

First, I do the usual base routine, using my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Vanilla. I spread it over my face evenly using a Real Technique brush. This is the part I always do first, rather than concealer, mainly out of habit. 

Next, I use concealer under my eyes, usually on my chin, and on any other blemishes I may have at the time, and blend it in using another Real Techniques brush. The concealer I used for this look was the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in Ivory.

Next, my eyebrows. I use my usual Rimmel Brow This Way palette in Medium Brown to first brush my eyebrows into the shape I want, and then to colour them in a little with the cream.

For my eyes I use my MUA Romantic Efflorescence palette. I start by using a layer of Mesmeric across the whole of my eyelids and up to my eyebrow.

Next I use Reveal across the lid, and blending slightly up towards the eyelid again.

And finally for the eyeshadow, I use Bewitch to shade the corners of my eyelids and blend in with the other shades.

Next, I use my Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner to draw a line across my eyelid, and add a slight flick at the end... but I don't do too much of a flick for my daytime look... I can't pull it off!

Next, my cheeks. I can't really say I'm any good at contouring, but I like to add bronzer to the edges of my cheeks under the cheek bones, a little blusher on the cheek bones (but only a little for this look), and highlighter under my eyes. I used my Rimmel Kate Contour Palette, which is great for this look because the highlighter has a slight shimmer to it.

I've started saving my mascara until after I've done my 'contouring', just in case any of the powder goes on my eyelashes. I used my Collection Fast Stroke Defining Lash, the waterproof version, just on my top lashes and the edges of my bottom lashes. 

And finally, my lips. For this look I went for a nude look. This is my Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Nude Delight.

To add a bit of a wintery shine, I pop a layer of Vaseline over the lipstick. 

And there you go, my Winter make up look for 2016. I think it goes so well with a bobble hat and a cosy woolly scarf. At some point I'll be uploading a Christmas party look as well, with added sparkles and lipstick! 

Happy Friday,