Thursday, 22 September 2016

New Uni Room Tour

My final year of uni has begun, and a new year means another new room. The good thing about Bournemouth uni is that when you move house, it's usually pretty much down the road from the last place you've lived. My new room is my favourite so far, it's so light and bright and pretty! So, here's just a quick couple of pics, from my hungover state today... 

 Now just to find myself a blogging background.... 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

#TBT: Advice I'd Give my Fresher-Self

It was three years ago that I was heading to uni, all mousey and nervous, ready to meet my new housemates and start my uni life. It was exciting, terrifying, and all brand new, all at the same time. Since then, I've met some of my best friends, found a sport that I'd never considered before, and had amazing nights out that I'd only seen on sitcoms and films. If I could go back and do it all again, I totally would! But, I'd have a few bits of advice for myself, and for all the new freshers getting ready to head to uni now... 

1. Never say no to a party
Even if you're feeling tired or not into it. Some of my best nights have been surprise ones that I didn't want to go to. Go along, and if it's rubbish you can always head home. 

2. Meet everyone you can
Make friends with as many people as possible. You meet some amazing people at uni, and everyone has different backgrounds and stories. Sounds lame, but it's interesting the amount of people you can meet at uni, especially if you're living in student halls. 

3. Join a society early on
I waited until my second year at uni to do this, and I regret not doing it sooner. Most of my uni friends are through rowing, and I would have less than half of the nights out that I have if I wasn't in a society. 

4. Use first year wisely 
First year, despite what they say, is important study wise. But use it as your year to have fun. My advice is to go to all the nights out you can to size up the clubs and bars that you like, then when it comes to second year you know where to head and on what nights. After your fresher year it'll probably get more studious, so make the most of having a more chilled first year. Don't stress!

5. Pack lot's of decorations for your room 
If you're in student halls for your first year, it's going to be a little room that's probably very cute, but also very basic. Take whatever you can to make it your own space. I went armed with fairy lights, bunting, postcards and posters. 

I can't wait to go back to uni for another, and final, year. I'm so excited, and this throwback to my freshers days has made me even more eager to go back! Could you guess which one in the photos is me? 

Night night,

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Boohoo Haul

Last week I got my first payday of the holidays, so I decided to top up my wardrobe, ready for my back-to-uni packing (I'll thank myself when I have double the amount to pack later!). It wasn't a very ambitious order, as you'll probably guess from the colour scheme, but mainly just a few tops to go with jeans and things.

 First, this Crop drop-arm vest top. I love this top, I have one to wear during the day, with my mom-jenas and my denim dungaree dress, and one for working out in. This one was £6 each, and I bought it in a size 12. 

Next, this crop top, which I bought to wear with skirts on nights out.  I'm a sucker for a detailed crop top, I can't resist, and I loved the little strappy bits on this one. This one was £6.00 as well. 

I've wanted a plain white bodysuit for ages, mainly to wear under my mom-jeans (obviously not with a lacy bra, as I found out while shooting for this), so I bought this one for £6.00.

I'm not sure I'm keeping these, as I already have a pair similar, but I do like these shorts. They're also available in grey, but they'd sold out by the time I got on the website. They were £8.00. 

And finally, this shirt. I bought it in a size 12 so that it was a baggy, boyfriend-style shirt, and I love it. It was the most expensive thing I bought, at £18.00, but it's so comfy and looks lovely. It's really loose as well, so I may also wear it as an off-the shoulder top. 

And that's that for another haul. Which tops do you think I should keep?

Monday, 12 September 2016

Summer Bucket List Update: The End of Summer

I can't believe it was in May that I sat down, all excited that Summer was starting, and wrote my Summer Bucket List. It was a super hot day, the sun was shining, and I was looking ahead to all the things I wanted to do over the holidays. Now, I'm sat in my pyjamas, my feet are still soaking from being at work in the rain all day, and I actually had a hot water bottle in bed last night (okay, a bit over the top, I know. But I was pretty cold!). Now I'm excited to be going back to uni, which means Autumn is on its way! 

I had a little look back at how I was doing with my bucket list a little while ago, but now that it's all over, I thought I'd go back and see how I did, and what needs to be added on to next year's bucket list! Here we go... 

1. Eat my weight in Magnums
From my week of diaries last week, we can all see that I gave this one a good shot. I can't say I quite ate my weight, but I definitely ate enough to last me until next year... or maybe the Christmas holidays...

2. Have a pitcher of Pimms
I hit this one pretty early on, at my mum's Pre-60th birthday BBQ. I made a pitcher of Pimms, fruit and mint and all. Delicious!  

3. Go on a Summer holiday
For the first time in three years, I went on a holiday. I went to Bude, in Cornwall, with my family. You can catch up with day 1 of my Cornwall Diaries here. 

4. Do a colour run 
This was a bit of a given one... I'd already signed up for the colour run before I wrote the bucket list. But I completed it, and it was so much fun! I highly recommend! 

5. Eat a burger that's been cooked on a BBQ
Again, my mum's pre-60th birthday BBQ, at the start of the Summer. No other burger tastes quite as good as a burger that's been cooked on a BBQ. 

6. Keep my fitness up
I guess we just have to wait and see for this one, when training starts again. I've found it really hard to keep up with my fitness, what with working for ten hours a day, and being exhausted on the other days. But fingers crossed! 

7. Wear a bikini on the beach
Thank you Bude holiday again for this one. It was so hot on the holiday, but with my towel laid out, it was cool enough to lay on the sand, topping up my tan (or at least, trying to). 

8. Eat healthy
Umm, yeah, some days. Unless you count the Magnums....

9. Go to a festival/Summer Ball
Festival, no, but Summer Ball, yes! And it was... a ball! Sorry... 

10. Get a tan
Yes, but the unfortunate thing about working in a uniform means you come out of Summer with the dreaded v-neck t-shirt tan. Not ideal. 

11. Swim in the sea
Not just swimming, but body-boarding too!  

12. Try vlogging
You may have seen my brief attempt at vlogging, something that didn't take off. You can watch my Summer Make Up Tutorial here. 

13. Catch up with all my home buddies
Nearly made it to everyone, but working full-time and catching up with family on my days off meant that I didn't get to see everyone I wanted. That's the only downer about going back to uni... not having had a catch up with all your home buddies in time. 

And that's that. I pretty much ticked off the whole list, so onto the next! 

Watch this space,

Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday: The Final Diary

I shared this photo yesterday, but I had to add it to this post again today because of my day. Having got my bike back up and running yesterday, I decided to give it a proper test run today. I woke up early (for me!) and headed to my Granny's house on my bike. It's quite a nice little route along the country roads, and there's a massive hill in the middle to challenge you, but it all makes for good cycling. 

The first thing my Granny always does when we arrive is give us an updated tour of her garden. It's lovely at the moment, so many brightly coloured flowers, and bumble bees buzzing around everywhere. Gardens are great. I find myself loving plants more and more (as you may have noticed from my general theme through the blog decor). 

After cycling home again (making it a total of just under 20 miles in the day) I chilled for a bit and watched the last ever episode of  Gossip Girl! Guys! I was honestly so happy with the ending, but I am definitely not ready for it to end yet. I need more Gossip Girl in my life! (I tried another attempt at the last series of PLL, but I'm really struggling to get back into this time, which makes me really sad. I used to be obsessed with it, but I just can't be bothered with this series?)

I didn't blog it, but for dinner mum, Mic, and I went to a local steakhouse, The Moonrakers. Ther do delicious steaks, and I love it because they have one of those menus where you pick your steak, your side, your potato-type, and your sauce all seperately. So, our meals arrived, my sirloin steak with seasoned fries, corn on the cob, and peppercorn sauce, and Mic started to open the bottle of tomato sauce. Turns out it hadn't been opened for a while, so it exploded, went all over the walls, the lampshade, the table... and me and the people sat on the table behind us. I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard. 

So, after all that kerfuffle, I desperately needed to have a shower and hairwash to get all the remains of the ketchup out of my hair. I decided that, after my long cycle ride, I'd earned a little pamper evening. I had some profiteroles (which I was going to blog, but I ate before I could take a picture), lit a candle, and slapped on a face mask. I've had really bad skin at the moment, so it was nice to give it some attention at last. I went with a Grapefruit Glow Sauna Masque, which had grapefruit and kiwi in it and was self-heating.

And that was my day. And, that's also the end of the daily blog diaries. I can't believe I actually managed to keep up with blogging everyday, and didn't forget! I've really enjoyed it, and, although it's been a bit of a challenge to dedicate some time everyday to blogging, it's also felt really nice to not have to think too much or dedicate time for a photo shoot for each post. 

Thank you to everyone who'd followed my daily diaries, or anyone who stopped by to see what I'd done with my day. The point of this was to get myself back into blogging, and the views and fun I've had have totally made it a success for me. 

Blog-tober, here we come, 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Thursday: Lazy Day in my Room

I woke up late again this morning, and decided against going to the gym. The weather was really on and off, one minute it looked like a storm was brewing, and the next it looked like a summer day. So I popped in to town for a little bit, just to run a few errands, and to pick myself up a Strawberry and Watermelon Fruit Cooler before they disappear off the Summer Menu. 

I had no jobs to do, and was finished in town by lunch time, so I headed back home and had a yummy (and childish) lunch of southern fried chicken and spicy wedges. Yum yum! Can you guess which kids film I watched while I ate? 

I watched one of my favourite kiddie films, The Road to El-Dorado! The soundtrack alone is amazing!

After that I didn't really feel like doing much else, so I made myself a hot chocolate for pudding, and put on Gossip Girl. By the end of today I only have one episode left, so it'll all be over for me by tomorrow! What should I watch next, any suggestions? 

I was devastated this year when I realised that my bike had rusted up where it had been left outside all last year. It wasn't rideable, which made me really sad. But, luckily, my dad took a look at it, and now it's back up working again. So, to test it out I cycled to my dad's tonight, rather than walking or taking my car. I had a bit of a bikey day, I fixed the speedometer thing on it from my old bike, and a new helmet that fits my massive head arrived in the post, so it was a great day for Katy! 

That's it from me for today, a very lazy day indeed! Depending on the weather, I'm hoping to get a bit further away from home on the bike tomorrow, but we shall see. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the weekly blogs, so I'll try to make it a good one to finish up on. 


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wednesday: Reunited with the Seaside

Dad had his day off today, and the weather was fine, so we decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Lyme Regis and the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary.I hadn't been to Lyme Regis before (or, at least I was too young to know where I was when I did) and it had been years since I'd been to the Donkey Sanctuary, so it was a very different day out... and a good excuse for a blog!

I've been away from Bournemouth for quite a few weeks now, and I'm starting to get beach-withdrawal... there wasn't really a beach at Lyme Regis, but the sea was enough to fufill my cravings. There's a long wall there which used to be a port (I think!), and you can walk the whole way along it. I took a bit of a moment to take photos of the sea, and to just chill for a second of the day. It was bliss! 

Don't ask, haha!  

We had a quick look around the shops, but my favourite by far was this little second hand book shop, which was basically a cupboard filled with old books. While we were inside a ginger and white kitten turned up, and lingered around until after we'd left. That's my typical view of a seaside town bookshop. 

Next, we headed to the Donkey Sanctuary. The Donkey Sanctuary is one of my favourite places, I LOVE donkeys! The Donkey Sanctuary is a haven for rescue donkeys that have all come from different backgrounds, most of them having been through a tough time or not treated very well. You can just wander around and see them happily chilling in their fields and barns, and it's lovely. 

 I could spend all day at the Donkey Sanctuary! Here's a link to their website, if you'd like more information or to visit (I highly recommend!). 

Well, we're over halfway through the week of diaries now, just two more days to go. I'm going to bed now with an episode of Gossip Girl, so I wake up all fresh and ready to make tomorrow as interesting as possible! 

Night night,